Thursday, April 19, 2007

Steve's Getting Out (GO!) For First Time Today

Steve’s Getting Out (GO!) For First Time Today

Starting a new blog -- my very first -- is a bit daunting. But today I’m beginning this one to discuss my passion for getting out and traveling.

I’ll also be relying on you, whether an old friend or a complete strangers who also enjoys the entire travel experience, to not only join me for real dialogue, but also to keep me honest in my assessments. Whether you agree or disagree, I invite you to post your comments.

Steve’s Getting Out has a few simple ground rules. First, please refrain from being slanderous or vulgar when make points. Instead, we'll engage in polite discourse on a topic -- travel -- on which we're unmistakably passionate.

So GO ahead, post your comments and let’s talk about getting out to see the world!

P.S. The first photo above is of me on my fourth visit to Australia over the Holidays. Have you been? If so, let me know what you liked best!

This is Steve’s Getting Out (GO!).